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1950's West German Pottery collection

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the further development and maintenance of this website costs a lot of time and, due to the increasing data volume, meanwhile also money.

In order to be able to continue to offer this service to all collectors, I would be glad to receive a donation. 


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Ralf J. Schumann





More than 25 years after the publication of the first book by Horst Makus about ceramics of the 1950s ("50er Jahre Keramik", 1998), this book and the expanded 2nd edition ("Keramik der 50er Jahre", 2005), are still the only comprehensive reference books for collectors in this area of collecting. This is not surprising, because many collectors have fun with collecting, but little interest in further analysis of the history of ceramics from 1950 to about 1962.
Through this website I would like to get in contact with collectors who are not only enjoying the collected ceramics, but also are interested in manufacturers, shapes, designs, dating and accurate attributions to the right companies.
It is also about the attempt at a comprehensive cataloging of  50s shapes and decors.
For this reason, I am in search of old catalogs, brochures, price lists, decor sheets and other company documents, which -  if the appropriate manufacturer still exists - only very rarely are still present in the company archives . Through acquisitions, change of ownership , company closures and re-opened manufacturers old archives are often no longer available . Thus, the collection area of 1950's pottery is still largely unexplored.
I would be delighted to hear from you (or read), if you have such documents.
Please write to : keramiksammlung (at) gmx.de
While many collectors have a tendency to present their collections of ceramics of the '50s on their own websites, most just do not have the time to continue the projects they started . Maybe with this website it will be possible to work together on such a project.  

Ralf J. Schumann
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My collection - ceramics of the 1950's

On this website, I'd like to show a few selected objects of my collection.
However, I will not show all objects I own on this website. Some pieces are "reserved" for other projects. The purpose of this website is to get in contact with other experienced collectors.
It has been shown repeatedly in the past that form number lists without pictures lead to false attributions, some with serious consequences (in the Internet you will find lots of misattributed objects, mostly from traders, but also by collectors). A detailed elaboration can therefore only be made with knowledge of the exact form (preferably by a picture, not only by description) or by comparing the decor. For this reason, the objects in the various pages on this site are sorted by form number.
On the button " decor names " some objects are shown a second time, this time sorted by decor names from various companies.
By the way: The quality of the images may often lack quality. The photos have been created over the years with different cameras and for different purposes .
On occasion some pictures might be replaced by better ones.